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    Any views on the navi LED type of masthead battery powered nav light?

    I like the look of the product and the method of hoisting by halyard shown in Bob Harland’s article on this site, but am wondering whether to chose all round white with presumably a better chance of someone seeing me, or a tricolour – with a possiblity of someone seeing my direction of travel or recognising the light as a nav light against background lights.




    Just taken delivery of an all round white Navilight, currently modifying my ‘old’ masthead buoyancy to accommodate it….

    Decent piece of kit, and the magnetic mount is really strong – pinched my fingers in it!

    Colregs/SOLAS recommends all round white for our boats – wouldn’t want to get confused with a bigger boat would we…



    As I await delivery of my 360 navilight I am wondering how one fits it to the top of a pole. Do you have a cunning design in mind or suggestions? I am contemplating something heath robinson with an old broom handle but would welcome a better idea!


    Thanks both, Quite pleased with the all round white confirmation. Any other comments welcome. Saves the grief of devising a hauling system that keeps a tricolour in the correct orientation, and the thing would work better as a general purpose backup lamp.

    Regarding systems for mounting, I was going to use the system shown in Bob Harlands article under the cruising/equipment section – search on the homepage for masthead lights and you will find it. I was going to modify, as I assume he has, to fix the magnet plate on top of a tube. I think the various collars on the tube a) stop the tube battering the mast and b) act as security for hitching the device to a halhard like a burgee. Tube to be long enough to project lamp above mast head without flopping about.

    Those are my ideas anyway.


    Sorry, didn’t quite answer the query in the second post above. My current idea for mounting involves a length of shower curtain rail with round wall fixing fitting.


    Very impressed by my light. In the end I sacrificed my broom handle and used the supplied screw to attach the magnetic plate (with a jubilee clip to stop the top splitting). Tried putting it up the mast today and it works well.


    Nice pics on post above, looks like it works well and sits very flat to the mast. For the benefit (more likely amusement) of others, here is my 2nd prototype so far untested on the boat. Thanks to Bob Harland whose originals spawned the idea.

    Plumbing rescues Heath Robinson yet again. As I am (slowly) doing up the house, all this lot was in the garage.

    I may have to adjust the position of the hitching points. I left the top section long to allow this. This is 15mm plastic plumbing pipe (rigid enough). The fittings are the compression rather than push fit type and make natural hitching points and the plastic should be fairly kind to the mast, although maybe I’ll have to add some foam tape.

    On the basis of belt braces, piece of string, and another piece of string, I’ve used the supplied wrist strap to secure the light unit to the magnet plate/stick, and the length of cord at the base is for a dog clip to go round the halyard, which is continuous. I know this is overkill, I’ll get over it when the thing has survived a trip. The magnet plate is bolted with a machine screw & 2 locking nuts to a brass end stop fitting with a hole drilled in it. This is attached to the plastic via a chromed 15mm compression fitting.

    Any improvements or suggestions welcome

    Michael Grace


    cant seem to find the section on mst lights.

    Can someone help please.



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