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    Arrangements for the 2017 National Championships at Arun YC are well under way. The Club are working very hard to give us a great weekend with lots of support from Richard and Mark at Hartley Boats, and from Monica Schaefer too. 48 boats have entered already with expressions of serious interest from several others. This year is the 60th anniversary of the Wayfarer’s design while 2018 is the 60th anniversary of the first Wayfarer hitting the water; surely another reason to celebrate…as if we needed one.

    Where shall we go in 2018? Do we want to consider a return to Weymouth or Hayling Island or do we want to try somewhere different? Should we have our National Championships further north? Pwllheli, perhaps? Do you want to go west, perhaps Royal Torbay YC? I hesitate to suggest it but could we hold our nationals somewhere inland, perhaps Grafham or Rutland? Wherever we go in 2018, it must be a venue which will be well supported by us. There’s little point in choosing a venue and only 15-20 boats enter.

    Another question? Do we want to have a championship which runs for a full week, or just a long weekend? Worth bearing in mind is that the next World (International) Championships will be in Ireland in 2019, but also there are plans for a European Championship in Denmark in 2018.

    It would be great if this thread could promote some discussion from as many members as possible so we can take account of views (and maybe previous experiences) when deciding on a venue for 2018.

    Tim Townsend



    Although WPNSA is a fantastic centre with excellent facilities and wonderful sailing waters with the option of the harbour for certain conditions, it lacks the warmth of a Club atmosphere. I think that if a Club can be found which would welcome us and which would not demand minimum participants, it would be friendlier. I personally would rule out inland waters, however big for this particular event. The Wayfarer comes into its own on the sea! I would say that SCYC N. Wales or RTYC would both fill the bill if they were willing to host this prestigious event for us. HISC and Parktone YC would also be good venues with decent facilities, HISC having on site accommodation too. No where has everything, it’s always going to be a compromise, but a consideration might be inner harbours in case of inclement weather and the latter both have them. Also the suggestion that we share the event with Wanderers makes sense in terms of numbers and they too, will be celebrating 100 years since Ian Proctor was born. Liz W11000


    Its a great idea to start a discussion now!  Everyone will have different reasons for going to a Nationals, it will be close to impossible to meet everyones needs and wishes.

    My reasons would be:

    • Open sea, with the possibility of a decent swell
    • Lots of fun
    • A reasonable sized fleet racing as one (not separate starts for gold / silver / bronze)
    • A holiday venue, different to the type of location I would usually sail at
    • Camping available at, or close to the venue
    • A good ‘holiday’ location
    • Previous experience of running nationals for other classes

    It is often said that having an existing class at the club, Nationals will boost numbers.  I don’t think this is true

    Weymouth is good, but as was said before, it is a pretty soulless place.

    What about places like Mounts Bay / Tenby / Abersoch (combine it with their dinghy week)?  Those three venues have fantastic sailing waters, open sea and lots of experience of of running big events.  Looe and Brixham also have run many events in the past.  Royal Torbay and Pwllheli would be great too.

    I would steer well clear of an inlands venue as I feel that I miss out on a lot (although you don’t need much for a good event – Cullaun S.C. is a good example), and I feel that open sea sailing gives a better overall test of what the Wayfarer is all about – seaworthy, cruiser / sailor / general purpose boat.

    You could also ‘go for broke’ and sail in the oldest YC in the world, Royal Cork YC on the S Irish Coast.  They run a biennial dinghy week, the next being in 2019 (Same as the worlds in Ireland), but have a stand alone event in 2018.

    Actually, you could have the worlds the week after Dinghy week in RCYC, with a British / Irish Nationals over a long weekend….. then the Worlds……….   The worlds in RCYC would be great!  Not sure if a venue has been chosen yet, but its hard to beat RCYC for putting on good events.

    If I was to plump for one, I wouldn’t but it would be a close call between Mounts Bay (amazing location and sailing, but a biggggg journey for me but worth it) and west Wales (a much easier journey)

    I would go for four or five days, with shorter races, maybe three a day.  No point in travelling a long way to join in a procession!



    W7110, Apple


    Mounts Bay, lots of experience with big events, camping can be arranged, super friendly Club house. Sure you can arrange a BBQ on the balcony. Long way to Marazion , Penzance but worth it.



    Hi Tim

    Just a thought how about all getting together with the cruising guys and having a wayfarer festerval for a week with  long cruising and racing and coast hoping witch covers what all wayfarer sailors like to do and if a site could be found to cater for all three sorts a off sailing this could be really big



    My personal preferences, in order of importance:

    Good sailing area, friendly club, efficient race management, camping on site, nice area (to attract families, so holiday time), lots of boats, reasonable travelling distance, good facilities, reasonably large local fleet, good weather, … and free beer! Not sure if even you, Tim, could meet all those requirements! Or could you?

    It’s always nice to experience new venues, but we don’t want to choose somewhere that only the die-hards will go to. I like many of the suggestions already made, although Ireland would be  likely to put many off, especially for a short series.



    For what it’s worth may I recommend Llandudno in North Wales (not that there is a Llandudno anywhere else!) The sailing club there were hosts to the Supernova Nationals in 2016 which was a very successful 120 boat event. The club was able to service some excellent racing in great surroundings with plenty of support boats and recovery/launch crew. The town is able to provide great accommodation for all tastes including camping and space for camper vans, For those left on shore there is loads to do within easy access.

    Stuart Hall 10710



    Thanks for all the input. We’re looking at a sea venue with the option for sheltered waters but with a club atmosphere. More details to follow if we’re able to secure a booking.

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