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    Question: Who should do the report?
    – The club running the event (its good publicity for them). Maybe not the emphasis the class would want?
    – The class association (its good publicity for them). Maybe not the emphasis the sailors would want?
    – Someone who actually raced!

    We find in the RS classes that we allocate someone at the event to do the write up. Ideally the person who came 3rd overall! They are near enough the front to see what is going on, but not actually the winner so its not “boasting”. They get the report out: To the class assocaition secretary. The Secretary then matches it up with a photo from the event and submits to the class web-site and to Yachts and Yachting.

    The competitors are often the right people to do the write up: They make it sound fun and exciting – in order to encourage more boats out the next time. It is their Class Assocaition, their choice of boat, and they benefit from the bigger turn-outs at the next events.

    Cheers, Chris


    As the newly appointed Puiblicity Officer for UKWA, it is extremely frustrating to read the fallout from the Nationals protest. Rest assured that I will be doing all I can on the UKWA gen. Committee to resolve this issue promptly. The impetus created by the new Hartley Wayfarer has stalled, but I’m sure we can get back on track quickly so that the future of our boat, Hartleys and Class can be secured.
    On the subject of race reports, a successful system exists in other fleets for whoever comes third to write the report and to do it promptly! Sarah or I will be happy to distribute it but we need somebody to write it in the first place please.


    As a National Judge I am intrigued by the idea of a protest that can prevent the posting of provisional results. Somone must have done something truly heinous… did the RO start all races to early, did someone poison the whole fleet, or were the measurers scales inaccurate…..

    Does anyone know what and where is this mysterious alternative UKWA forum only accesible to the initiated. I am a member of UKWA, my sail number is in my profile – how to I gain access to the inner sanctum?



    If you look in the Forum Index there are clear instructions on how to register on the site. If you are a UKWA member then there is a second registration required in order to be approved to access the UKWA members only area.

    Dave Barker


    Once your name has been appended to the appropriate list you will find that when logged in there will be an extra item in the Forum Index. Below “…Technical, Cruising, Racing…” you will see “UKWA” as an option.

    It’s taken me 7 months to realise this. The problem with hidden options is that you don’t know they are there. I wonder what else I have yet to discover about this site…


    I finally forced a passage into the inner sanctum of electronic Wayfarering.

    Seems we still can’t answer the question when is a Wayfarer (with a measurement certificate) really a Wayfarer! Or how to kill a class in a few easy lessons!


Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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