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    Would the moderator please help me understand what has happened to the thread which I started around the nationals. It was becoming quite interesting.

    Dave Barker

    Come to think of it, the Nationals have just taken place and yet there is nothing whatsoever on the whole of this website to indicate that anything ever happened there.

    Doesn’t it strike anyone else that this is in any way unusual?

    The top news story (as I write this) is that the Farne Islands rally was postponed a fortnight ago…

    Bob Harland

    The posting on the Nationals has been moved to the UKWA forum.
    You will need to be a member of the UKWA to read and post to the topic.

    If you are a UKWA member but cannot read the topic please update your profile with your boat number and then let me know. I will then add you to the UKWA usergroup.

    If someone would like to send me a write up on the Nationals and photographs then I can put it on the website.


    What convention/rule/regulation caused the removal of this topic?
    How many other topics have been removed recently?


    By the way I am and have been a member of UKWA by standing order for a very long time. I am however becoming inreasingly concerned at the manner and approach of the Association. I fear I may be one of many and this cannot be good for the future of a Class sorely in need of solid support from its long standing members.
    Liam McGrath
    Wayfarer 7658 Septimus Fry
    Member of UKWA for many years and name on a database accessible to any Committee member !


    How bizarre to have the Committee asking for a report and results after the Nationals. Not one Committee member present at the event and asking members to provide the results. Would it be reasonable to expect the Committee to secure the results from the Royal Lymington, I think so. As a mere UKWA member I cannot get access to them.

    This at a time when I had felt confidence we might make progress as a Class, even thought of and had discussed with Sue, both taking on some appointments in the Association to assist that process. Even relinquished position in another Class to ease that transition.

    Developments do not bode well for the future of the Wayfarer Racing fleet.

    Dave Barker

    Perhaps I’m being particularly slow today, but despite logging in to both the Forum and the Members’ area I cannot read the “offending” thread.

    My boat number is on my profile and I’m a member of the UKWA. Could I please be allowed access?

    Am I the only person who finds all these separate logins and special areas and priveleges a bit of a drag? 😕


    As someone who is NOT a member of the UKWA, but who is potentially interested in buying a Wayfarer and joining UKWA, I was following the discussion on the is it, or is it not, a Wayfarer very closely.

    Now I can’t, unless some kind person can post the relevant information back to an accessible web-site for those who maybe interested in joining the class….


    JordanChris, fair comment but I’m sure that once the protest from the Nationals has been dealt with the result will be made available to all


    Just reflecting on this thread and I was following the first thread……

    Surely inevitably there is frustration when a thread is pulled, it leaves a vacuum but the vacuum will get filled slowly. Like Dave I have not been able to access the thread on the UKWA website so maybe there is a technical difficulty and like Dave the separate system is not instantly obvious….and it is not as up to date, but I would guess that is because it uses website software that is not so user friendly and requires quite a bit of administration …..this forum is very efficient and instant and builds expectations that might not get met. I think this is the problem (and virtue) of the internet, we can sound off very easily….I am not refering to debate here

    Now to go out of my depth……..if there is a protest in a race surely no results can be posted until the protest is resolved………and secondly if there is a protest should one not wait until the outcome from the resolving authority rather than debate the merits of the protest openly here. I presume that is why the thread was pulled. You can send pm s (private messages) for contentious stuff.

    As to the New Wayfarer debate. I guess everyone is interested in how it performs and the more information we get from those who see it or sail it the better……..put those experiences here but probably they need to be detached from race protests?

    Finally this does raise the issue of the role of the Magazine versus the Website/Forum……..instant results versus a full commentary for the mag …….or in the Cruising section a full log versus a few piks. These must be pretty new issues……..Hang in there everyone and keep positive


    @Dave Mac wrote:

    if there is a protest in a race surely no results can be posted until the protest is resolved

    A set of provisional results would not be too much to ask for though, surely? Especially as the protest in question will have little or no effect on the standings of the first 20 in the fleet.

    No nats report on the Yachts and Yachting site either. Valuable potential publicity for the class slipping away…


    Point taken, preliminary results could be up but for whatever reason they are not, as said I am not a racer, nor do I know how results are normally presented……..the issue I was raising was that in terms of publicity the website is instant and a good report for a magazine with piks (or for the website) takes some work and might be worth the wait too ….and then get good publicity for UKWA.


    Can I point out that there has also been no reports or results published from the Southerns nor the Easterns (where there was no protests to confuse things) which is a shame.


    Hi Margaret 8200 I cant comment on the Easterns but promise to try and get the Southerns report and results published as soon as the event has been held 😀

    Hope you can make it to Warsash next weekend…….


    oh drat
    I should have said the Westerns & the Easterns didn’t have any report,

    and yes we are coming to the Southerns, just organise some sunshine and some nice wind. (nice = enough but not sooo much that my heart quakes)

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