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    Does anyone know what the number of entries are up to yet?


    > Does anyone know what the number of entries are up to yet?

    As of 8th August – 12.

    List of entries at http://www.weysailclub.org.uk/wsc/Publications/2006WayfarerEntries.pdf


    Colin Parkstone

    I do hope the rest of you are going to enter as it looks a bit Naff on numbers at this time and i am sure the club would like to think all there hard work has not been done for nothing.CP 😯


    gosh I thought 12 entries 3 weeks before was really good.

    But I can think of at least another 5 who are threatening to be there and whose entries are probably in the post

    CU there

    ‘idiot in front’


    I presume these mails refer to the Championships on the easterly of the 2 large islands that make up the area covered by UKWA.

    The Championships on the western island are taking place this weekend! The event is described as the Wayfarer Irish National Championships. As far as I am aware this is recognised as a National Championship by the Irish Sailing Association. I suppose technically they are the championships of the Irish section of UKWA.

    Small point : does an Irish registered boat have to qualify for European and World Championships through the UKWA qualifiers? In which case it might be appropriate that an Irish event was included on the list!



    Sue and I intend to come to the Nationals. We are not entered as yet.


    Are there any details of the evening events? One has to plan the correct attire…. 😆

    Colin Parkstone

    Well your need an old T Shirt to spill your drink on and jeans with deep pockets.
    A Zimmer frame to help on the dance floor and a cup of milk for bed time.
    But wait! I hear we have some young people in the fleet to keep us up after bed time so there is hope for us old people Yet!CP 😆 😀


    No sorry, there’s no hope for you Pirate… How about a wager on a whether a certain crew member goes cuttle fishing? Could be a good bit of spectator sport!! 😳

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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