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    Colin Parkstone

    The Notice of Race for the National Circuit Series has been published on the class website under the heading,
    Spring Bash and National Circuit Series.

    Having in mind that the AGM is this weekend, does anyone have views on the number of meetings required to be done to qualify and the added levy being added to the cost of an entry.

    I would like to know what this is for please ??

    Bearing in mind I have said this before, is this the time for an extra levy and when was this disgust and decided upon ??

    I enjoyed last years opens but could not do them all, in fact no entrant could. Does that not say something about how much we should be asked to do in this bad financial climate ?

    C P 😯 😕


    The UKWA has, for a number of years, been spending more money than it receives, and our rainy day reserves have gone. The main reason is the significant decline in membership, which Bob Tarn referred to at the AGM. The deficit in 2008 was £6000 plus, I think.

    Therefore, the EXCOMM which you elected last year has been looking at ways of raising additional income, and a levy on UKWA racing events was one proposal that we looked at.

    Currently, a club hosting an UKWA National Circuit Series event can expect to generate an income from entry fees of £400 (based on 20 boats at £20 each). This is before income from catering and the bar is added on (and the bar profits for a two-day Wayfarer event can be significant!).

    A UKWA National Championship should generate an income of between £2800 and £3200 for the host club and the catering and bar income may be even more significant.

    Then there is the publicity and prestige of hosting a UKWA national event – all our events are promoted on our web site and reports are posted in Yachts and Yachting.

    Yet, currently the UKWA receives NO income from its own events.

    However, Michael McKechnie indicated at the AGM we are prepared to have another look at the issue of the levy, and we accept that our communication with the host clubs has not been good on this occasion. As usual it’s more a case of a cock-up rather than a conspiracy and we took our eyes of the ball on this one. Apologies.



    Turning to Colin’s point about the number of events needed to qualify for the National Circuit Series in 2009…….

    We have increased the number of events in the series from 5 to 6 with the reintroduction of an Inland National Championships. So following the formula of 50% of the series plus 1 to qualify gives the figure of 4 to qualify. If we had stuck with 3 to qualify, we could have had the situation of different boats qualifying without ever sailing against each other. Does this make sense?

    We could relook at this. One option would be to take the Inland Nationals out of the National Circuit Series and make it a stand alone event. Then we could revert to 3 out of 5 to qualify for the National Circuit Series. What do you think?


    Couple of thoughts in response to Steve and Michael

    In the light of the discussion about ‘courses to sail’ it would be good to keep the Inlands in the mix, as hopefully it offers the possibility of standard courses.

    ..and agree it should be 4/6 or 3/5 to qualify – preferably without dropping what is already planned within the circuit events.


    As I see the levy issue – if a club is not happy about paying a modest 2 pounds per boat then they are not obliged to include their event in the National Circuit series – which will mean fewer entires and less revenue! THe levy looks like a win-win deal to me.


    Colin Parkstone

    Its not a matter of the club asking for an open meeting,we as a group of sailiors in a fleet ask a club to run it for us and it is the class that is looking for venues to go to.

    A club is not going to ask its members to give up its time and also make a loss for a bunch of non members, it is giving the members of a class in its club an opportunity to races against other like minded people on home ground and to open the racing of that class to its members.

    I get the feeling that the class is thinking to much of itself,we are not some fancy franchise that everyone is clamouring to make some money from but a very nice class of boat and people who are looking for new playgrounds to play at.

    As for the club not being willing to pay for the privilege,we all know that it will only come from the class members via the club anyway and they are just having to have to do more paper work for us !!

    Steve,your point about never sailing against other people is correct but that has only come about from adding more opens to the pot.

    I think that having to choose from six opens is to much to ask and is in danger of watering down the numbers at each open.

    We also have the Dannish and Dutch Nats to go to that we are hoping will encourage them to come to us in Weymouth.

    The inlands at Grafham is a nice inclusion and Upper Thames has a its established Splashaway,likewise Bough Beech at the end of the year and as they had a go last year I would have left out one for them for a year from the Circuit Series.

    That would leave five opens and a trip abroad if we can run to it.

    Before UTSC and BB jump on me,I do love doing opens and going to all the clubs we have Wayfarers at,I dont have to prove that !!

    It is just that, its not a cheap thing to do and we all have so much to do it with. I do not think we want to go to an open that has small numbers at it when we can keep it to a number that lots more can find a way to .

    Keep it to a size that more can enjoy and I think we will have achieved for me what an Open Circuit Series is all about.

    C P 😀


    Just to put things into perspective – we are talking about £2 per boat per event. 5 events = £10 per year. What percentage of an annual racing budget does this represent?


    Colin Parkstone

    It represent my perspective of a levy Gordan, a thin edge of a wedge and

    I maybe the only person to say so but thats what i think. Ner Ner!! 😆

    If it is that small.whats the point of having it then ?

    I would like to suggest that we as members of this class work ever so hard to get back all the members we have lost and encourage new owners,crews and anyone we can to join this great class be it full or associate and benefit from what we have in it and boost the funds in a more substantial way and maybe for a while cut are cloth accordingly.

    C P 🙂


    thank you Colin, I thought I was being simple in simply thinking that the Club would pass on the £2.00 levy to the competitor. 😕

    That got me to thinking (which I don’t do too often) – £400 supposed income generated with 20 competitors perhaps – I wonder what the costs are to run a weekend of racing extra to the normal Club racing, which Club members get free. Extra stock for catering & the bar will have to be bought and paid for without guarantee that it will be used or needed. The bar income will only be a profit because someone will give up a weekend to stock and run the bar (wageless).

    We get told that racing is only a very small section of the Wayfarer fraternity, are the Cruisers also going to pay a levy to go to any of their rallies or cruises?. The UKWA is for all Wayfarers and therefore maybe all members should pay for any shortfall – but that would be self distruction, so maybe the answer is cutback on expenditure, which is what this family has had to do I am afraid.

    I could go on but enough thinking for the moment.

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