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    The results of the poll for the make-up of the National Circuit next year have not emerged with a really clear winner: 19 – 18 is a very close call. Perhaps we should also consider the scoring system, which becomes particularly relevant if the National Championships is to be included in the National Circuit.

    Some years ago we adopted a system of counting the boats beaten rather than the actual position at an event, by simply counting from the back. Should we not look at that again? This would give automatically stronger weighting to the National Championships where a larger turnout would be expected. The argument is that winning in a fleet of 50 should be worth more than winning in a fleet of 20.

    It would be interesting to have everyone’s view on this while the future of the National Circuit is being considered by the Association.

    Colin Parkstone

    Its one way to score Bell, and it is a tricky won to get right I think.
    That time we had the, number beaten scoring I think that the winner was one of best guys in the fleet so he was going to top it anyway.

    It was won with the minimum opens needed, over and above the guy who did nearly all the opens and beat only a handfull at the opens he went to.

    That is the tricky part to get right, how do we balance the opens that get lots to enter and the others with very few.
    By spreading ourselves thin with lots of opens, we can have the problem of how to score the full and not so full events.

    I would like to look at the series as a fun way of doing opens and all that goes with it! We do not have a great reliance on the series any more as the class Worlds is now open to all and we may only need a list of leaders to fill an odd space in a container if needs be.
    We have two cups to win for traveling, each could fill a bill for each boat depending on what they set out to win. I would say that getting the best mix at each open is the priority so we get more to come along and try them, they then may swell the numbers and make for better numbers in the long run.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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