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    Hayling Island SC has sensibly cancelled racing today (albeit it a bit late in the day), but plan to run three races tomorrow (Sunday 17 June). See official notice on front page of the website.

    Bill and Lisa have texted me to say that they will be there tomorrow. Richard and Phil are also going – they have to return the trophies. Our temporarily disabled Racing Secretary will be turning up on his motorbike.

    I won’t – I am on compulsory grandparent duties tomorrow. Charlie Oliver arrived yesterday 9lbs 3oz, should make a good heavy weather crew in a few years!

    Have a good sail!



    Bother and ouch!
    I was planning for tomorrow but my crew has been playing with his windsurfer in the breeze and has called to say he has wrenched his ankle so can’t make it.
    I was just about to go down the club to drop the rig etc so instead went to off license for relaxing evening as no need to get up early.
    See you all at Medway

    Congratulations Steve


    We have over 30 boats entered for the champs starting on Friday. We will still accept entries on the day up until 11:00. We are also accepting entries on the day for the FREE training day on Thursday.

    And there is a good weather forecast for the champs! See front page of the website.



    There is a benign forecast from the Met Office for next weekend at Bough Beech – W-SW 8-10 knots, so no excuses not to come!

    This is the final of both the National Circuit Series and the Travellers Trophy and the prize giving for both series will be held after racing.

    So, who’s coming?



    Hi All

    Myself and Steve in 10777 and probebly 2 others from Haversham!!!

    😯 😆


    Cool 8) See you there, Haversham.

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