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    I am due to meet a representative from Brixham Yacht Club at the Dinghy Show to discuss the possibility of holding our UK National Championships there from 19-24 July 2015. They are keen to have us. It’s a great holiday location and world class sailing area, but a long way to travel.

    What do you think? Please vote in the poll and/or post any comments or suggestions here.


    Colin Parkstone

    Steve, Would it be a week or a long weekend?


    Plan at the moment is for a full week – practice race Sun, racing Mon through to Friday.


    Colin Parkstone

    Be interesting to see if you get any responses Steve ???

    Mine would be a ‘Not Sure ?, Its a nice place, good water,well run meeting and I hope the ramp is better for our heavy boat.Ask how steep it is Steve.

    I just wonder if we should have next year a long weekend Nats, with the week one this year at Weymouth which is looking to be a bit high in prices for accommodation it could be a short week turn next year.

    How about Whitsable or the like,(Not been for a while) open sea but not far from the club. Or another club like it who maybe looking to start a Wayfarer fleet. Maybe Richard could steer us towards a club. Seasalter would also be good from what I remember but has sea wall and sand !

    Not up a river though for a National Champs, open racing in open area but not far from the club! Medway and us have had a go so many times but good times, somewhere new. I will think of some more!

    Is the Worlds next time in the Uk?


    @Colin Parkstone wrote:

    Be interesting to see if you get any responses Steve ???CP

    No votes, yet, Colin!

    I am due to met the rep from Brixham Yacht Club at the dinghy show, so will discuss the option of a long weekend alternative. Will report back at the AGM. Don’t forget that I am due to step down as Racing Sec then, so it will fall to my successor to secure a venue for 2015.

    Re: cost of accommodation at Weymouth – I thought the Pebble Bank was a good value camping site (and they didn’t rip people off at the Olympics). OK I know that the Motor Home community will have to pay to stay at WPNSA this , but the cost is similar to me keeping my floating caravan at the Marina so doesn’t seem unreasonable.

    Ralph Roberts is the man to ask where future International Champs will be held.



    I have been appointed as proxy by Big Al (who is currently locked out of the Forum) to vote in favour of a five day championship at Brixham.

    Alternatively he would like a long weekend at Shoreham.

    I have entered his vote on the poll.



    My memories of the last time we had an event (a long time ago!) there are fairly mixed – the sailing area was great and the club very friendly, although I think launching was a bit of a problem. I do remember getting a parking fine when we were stuck outside the harbour with no wind to get back and my ticket ran – my pleading letter was ignored and I had to pay! I remember we camped up on the hill on the other side of the town and usually walked to the club and back. So if parking has improved and we get help with launching and recovering … OK by me!


    I have voted yes but would equally support a long weekend event at the same venue (or even prefer it as easier to get crew to commit)


    67% in favour of going to Brixham but the turnout would not impress a professional pollster!

    We need to make a firm decision at the AGM on the dinghy show on Saturday. Please vote on-line now or turn up at the Dinghy Show and give me your feedback there!



    There has been the suggestion that we have a lay-day on Wednesday to make it a bit more of a family holiday, and take some of the pressure off from it being a full-on sailing week. This has been done in previous years, with the day being taken as a chance to see the area outside the sailing club. It could be used as a racing day if one or more days were lost before it.

    It might encourage more to turn out. What do others think?

    Colin Parkstone

    Not sure if I would want a lay day, I go to have a full Champs of sailing myself and as you say a Lay day could be used anyway and so your not get that day off.

    You also say (take some of the pressure off from it being a full-on sailing week.) Maybe the week is not what is wanted EACH year and we did have many visitors to Parkstone last year which was a short one for the people who were going to the Worlds.

    As it was, not many could go to Canada from the Nats entry so it pointed to the fact that many liked the weekend Nats format excluding the biggish home fleet.

    Poor Steve the racing sec has tried to get a consensus from us but as you see only 6 people bothered to vote or inform him.

    Come on you lot, help Steve help us and bother will you!!

    Brixham if fine, nice place and great club its just will we get that many going for a week, but then how do we know unless…..


    In my last act as Racing Secretary, I texted Sean Semmens of Brixham YC to confirm that our 2014 National Championships will be there on 19-24 July!

    Alan Chaplin (my successor) and I had a meeting with Sean at the Dinghy Show and were very pleased with what he had to offer including a free pasty for everyone as they come off the water. All we need to do now is secure sponsorship from a local brewery so that we can have a pint of beer with it. There is a camping site within 15 minutes walk with electric hook-up for the Motor Home community. Also a marina for my floating caravan. We agreed a break-even figure of 30 entries and Alan and I think that this is a realistic target.

    We also have very positive feedback from Haversham SC members who competed at a Supa Nova championships hosted by Brixham YC. They were very complimentary about the race organisation and the launching/recovery arrangements.




    I hope you said 2015!


    @Bellerophon wrote:

    I hope you said 2015!

    Yes, I did get it right in the text to Sean (I think).


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