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    Ok , so in between waiting for crew to show up or invent another excuse, what’s a really good stable single-hander to hone the skills on, inland waters, without getting too wet? I’d really like advice from users rather than would-be’s, as every supplier at the Dinghy Show would swear by their own make. Oh and why didn’t the Wayfarer get a shout in the Dinghy Sailing Mag top 10…..scandalous I say!



    For GREAT fun try a Sunfish, beats like a wet paper bag, but reaches like a starship and best of all you can be sailing in less than 10minutes from getting out of the car.


    Hi Simon McE

    That is so interesting, as it was my very first dinghy, and you’re right it was a lot of fun. I did see one on display at Southampton Boat Show last year…think it was being shown on the laser stand.


    Colin Parkstone

    How big are you!!

    I would,and have had a Solo and as im Big! a Phantom would fit my bill.

    I sound like a Penguin!!!

    The Solo has lots of cheaper boats to buy as it has been around longer.
    Chines to keep it stable and strong and a fully battened main for power and longevity.

    Topper for ease and the kids .

    Phantom has lots of power and needs weight but a well made boat in FRP.

    Supernova, ( looking for discount on a new Wayfarer here!!!! ) but it is a nice boat.

    Lazer if you can stand the shape of the cockpit,all sorts of prices,light and lots around.

    Any Help?

    C P


    Thanks Colin Parkstone

    A few to think about already



    Sorry Colin Parkstone

    I hover around 80 kilos



    Where, when and why will you sail the singlehander?
    For improving your close racing skills, at almost any club, it has to be a Laser. For comfort and enjoyment, anything but a Laser!
    Solo is a great compromise, and has some good club fleets around. Very cheap is available, But they can be expensive if you want to hit the front of the racing fleet.
    Phantom: you would need to be heavier (UNLESS you only intend to sail singlehanded in light winds inland when the Wayfarer is too heavy). Maybe a Solution? But little or no racing fleets at a local club level.
    Vareo: GREAT fun down wind if you have enough space to be able to pull the kite up and drop it again when you want to. “Interesting” fun trying to race it around the buoys against other boats!
    To potter about up narrow creeks al lon your own away from everyone else: maybe a Gull.
    What else is sailed at your local club?


    Dare I say a Firefly – 1948 Olympic singlehander. Most team racing fleets also have storm sails, for when the wind gets up. So you can sail single-handed or two-up. Indeed, I have a pet theory that you could sail the whole Olympics in a fleet of Firefly – Full rig for the men’s single-hander, mens and womes crewed, small rig for the women singlehander, then male and female team racing!



    Laser, Laser, Laser!

    I love lasers even though I’m theoretically too heavy for one – 14stone.

    I’m also tall – 6’5″ but don’t seem to have many probs moving around the cockpit.

    Only gripe is the way the mainsheet catches on the quarters after a gybe, but this is cured with a quick tweak as you go round.

    Or tell you crew to get a move on an get sorted quicker!


    Colin Parkstone


    I went to a talk by that ace Laser sailer Steve Cockerill this week,

    Great talk and would suggest you take a look at his DVD on sailing Lasers and other singlehanded boats,most enlightening!!!

    C P 🙂

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