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    Sandy Goodall

    Hi there!

    Do you think it would be feasible to mount a (relatively light) Torqeedo electric outboard by clamping it directly to the upper edge of the transom ( off to one side, of course, and straddling the mainsheet traveler track).

    I ask because it seems that might be much simpler than buying and mounting the usual removable outboard bracket (available for Hartley and others).

    I could imagine rigging up a sort of simple removable wooden reinforcment, which would also straddle the mainsheet track, and avoid having the motor clamps damage the inner and outer faces of the wooden transom itself.

    What say yea?

    Daniel Wetzel

    Howdy from the other side of the pond.

    I have a Torqeedo Travel 1003 (Long Shaft) that I use on my wooden MK I (8020). I have tried it mounted as you describe, however I found I was too often turning the rudder into the blade of the motor (or vice versa). I now use a removable outboard bracket from a company in USA:-

    A wooden board is mounted to the flat plate (I used a scrap piece of red oak). I am not sure if they ship to UK.

    This mount works for the Torqeedo as well as a small Tohatsu 3.5 gas engine I use for higher winds, currents or longer trips. They weigh about the same – 38 lbs or so.

    I do find the Torqeedo some what under-powered when returning to shore into a 10 knot or greater head wind, and dodging power boats.

    Dan Wetzel

    Burlington, Vermont USA

    Andrew Morrice


    I’ve probably spotted this too late but here goes

    I have a standard 2.5hp 4 stroke engine which goes (virtually) directly onto the transom.  I constructed a 8mm plywood sleeve that slots precicely over the transom and the engine clamps onto that so that when you remove the sleave the transom remains undamaged.  All you have to do to accomodate this (in a centre-main-cleated boat) is to move the bridle for the mainsheet forward to about halfway between transom and the forward edge of the rear tank.  You can probably see all of this if you look closely at shots on my youtube channel Bigbad the Sailor.

    I’m the only person who does this, but I can tell you – it works just fine!!!

    Andrew Morrice – cruising secretary  W6330.

    Sandy Goodall

    Thanks Andrew! That’s very helpful. Does your motor have a long or short leg? I have to decide whether to buy the long or short version of the Torqeedo.

    Alister Main

    Hi Sandy,

    Did you get your Torqeedo mounted okay. I am interested to hear what you ended up doing as I am planning on doing exactly the same

    Many thanks

    Alister Main


    Sandy Goodall

    Hello Alistair,

    Not yet, but I will post here when it’s done.

    sandy Goodall W6778

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