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    I have been supplied a new boom end (to introduce a proper outhaul), with a pair of monel rivets, but I have read from previous posts that most lever type hand riveters are not up to the job where these rivets are concerned.

    Does anyone have any expereince of whether a “heavy duty” hand riveter will suffice for these, or whether I should wait until the weekend and get access to the club’s lazy tong riveter?





    I managed to install saddles for reefing lines using monel rivets and a plain cheap hand riveter. It wasn’t easy, but for just a couple of rivets it was ok. I’m not sure if rivets for fixing the boom end are of a bigger size though, but you could test your tool with a spare rivet and a couple of washers.

    Best wishes,


    The rivets in the boom ends are only to prevent them from falling out if the boom is not in use. Once the tension is on the rig they serve no purpose. The rig tension will keep the boom ends in place. Hence aluminium rivets are good enough for the job. Aluminium rivets are much easier to remove if the boom needs maintenance and as an added bonus there is no galvanic corrosion between an aluminium rivet and an aluminium boom.

    Save your expensive Monel rivets for a rainy day when you have to attach something that does require the rivets to take some serious load.

    BTW, I have used SS screws to lock the boom ends in place. I only need a screwdriver if the outhaul purchase jams or breaks. I always carry a screwdriver (part of my car jack kit and also on my Swiss army knife) but I seldom have a drill and a riveter with me at a sailing event.


    Thanks for the advice – I will either try the aluminium rivet route, or go for the screw option, which makes good sense for maintenance purposes.

    Happy sailing!


    Colin Parkstone

    If you can,use the screw with a blunt end to it as it will not rip any ropes or fingers if they get too close.

    In England Bert, if the law find you with a ” Car Jack Kit ” and a knife they will send you to a Magistrate and you will have your knuckles rapped.

    In Amsterdam I hear you would have to pay good money for that ! 😉

    CP 🙂

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