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    I notice from the WIT site yesterday, that the MKIV cruisers are being given a dispensation to race without having a measurement certificate.

    Are all new boats not sold with a measurement certificate?  I presume that the external hull shape is the same as the MKIV foam sandwich boats?

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that Richard Hartley stated that the cruisers are “heavier and due to their construction methods not as stiff as the foam sandwich boats”.

    What is the base weight of a MKIV cruiser before any optional extras versus a MKIV racer?  Curiosity engages me.

    Regards, davdor.




    All MK IV boats have the same hull shape. Because of the tolerances allowed for home building,(not now an option) other hull shapes may vary.

    The only weight that is measured is the minimum weight and old boats are usually heavier so unfortunately your curiosity must remain.


    For some reason my reply showed up in to the “Worlds 2016” thread.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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