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    I’m currently doing up an old MKII hull for a project. While I am getting close to a launch, I need to sort out a couple of things first.

    After a big struggle getting the forward buoyancy tank hatch open, I discovered that the buoyancy foam in there has broken loose and is free to move about. Any suggestions as to how I might best fix it back into position?

    The hull doesn’t have any self bailers installed. I like the fact that there are no holes in the hull other than the bung holes but some means of draining the boat once I’ve bailed to the floorboards is needed. So, should I buy a manual bilge pump and leave the hull intact? or fit a self bailer. Ideally 2, but they are quite expensive and if I do go for a self-bailer, which one?

    Also, there are no floorboards fitted. On my other boat, the floorboards are split at the position of the thwart and held in position by the grooves by the centre-board, pivoting legs under the benches and turnbuttons glassed onto the floor supports. There were no buttons fitted to this hull, so should the boards be full length and held down just by pivoting bench legs (there are no rear benches with the project boat) and the centreboard casing grooves.

    Thanks for any replies, davdor

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