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    David Cummins

    I purchased the wayfarer in October Last year. Been trying to sort out what is missing. Has anybody got pictures of fittings used and where they go for the Genoa sail?
    There seems to be a few different types and i am a bit of a novice on sailing dinghies. (too many bits of string everywhere)

    Ian Fitzpatrick

    I can take some tomorrow but am also very much a novice and in a similar position.


    I have 2713 which was the second last registration of 1970.


    I have a genoa with a roller reefing and a small jib which clips on to the forestay.


    David Cummins

    Hi Ian

    Pictures would be useful.

    I mainly need pictures of the fittings fixed to boat for sheets.





    Bob Harland

    Hi Dave, there is a nice sequence of photos on this page of the WIT showing a minimal setup for jib sheets

    Sometimes the fairlead/jammer is mounted on a track, and sometimes on the sidedeck rather than the sidebench.
    I have seen boats with just a fairlead and no jammer – make sure your crew has strong hands if you go for that option!

    At the other end of the scale a turning block and swivel jammer is a common setup;

    hope that helps

    David Cummins

    Hi Bob

    Thank you for that info with pictures.

    The simple method is good for me. hope to get boat in water for the first time this month.

    Thanks again,

    Dave C.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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