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    Hi eweryone, I’m from Hungary. I’m new on this forum.

    I’ own a WF Mk1 GRP I’ve bought it in last year in Austria with a broken mast.  The seller was not even know what he was selling. So my problem is: I’have no paltes in the boat only the Ship and poat builders association plate with its number. And I found a stickers with Moore and sons writen. I’ve wrote and got answer from British Marine Federation who has the files of boat builders. So according the answer the boat was built by

    Bourne Plastics Limited

    Harby Road




    But neither plate of serial, nor technical details. I have no idea how does it look like. My sail number is 3044.

    Can you help me to replace the plates?






    R Moore & son (from Wroxham) has gone out of business about 20 years ago. But  you can still find a lot of information about the boat yard on the Internet.

    If your boat has been measured the UKWA secretary probably has filed the original measurement forms. You could ask her for a copy, if it exists.

    The Proctor – Wayfarer mast is still available from Seldén, a large International company that now owns Proctor masts. The mast is a type E which is used by many dinghy classes. The difference between classes are the position of the hounds, spreaders, the length and a few other details. Seldén has the Wayfarer on file as it is still being produced. In other words you can simply order a Wayfarer mast through your local Seldén dealer. The dealer has access to the engineering specifications by Seldén and can cut, mill, drill and screw it to Wayfarer specifications. Also the various mast parts are standard Seldén parts and are still available.

    Some British and Danish Internet web shops offer ready made Wayfarer masts, but shipping costs may be prohibitive.  Another source may be Richard Hartley, the current Wayfarer builder. He may be able to bring an extra mast for you to the Düsseldorf Boat show January next.

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