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    Pete Smith

    Had put this post onto technical area, but might be better suited to here.
    Thanks to Colin for advise on where to put weight, but not sure that’s the whole story.

    So here’s the problem again.

    spent last few Sundays club racing my lovely new Mk4. No really cracking results yet, but then I’ve been away from dinghy racing for 12 years and just getting back to it.

    Anyway reason for post is that this new boat seems to sail to windward a treat. In fact anything above a beam reach is pretty cool. Gain some race ground if I do it right and all that sort of stuff.

    But broad reach and running seems pretty poor and I’m not sure whether it’s boat or me or both!!!! Most boats either catch me up or increase their distance away from me. Then when we’re on the beat again I make some ground!
    Have been racing in mainly light winds during April but I think the sameproblem is true in the medium winds we had yesterday too.

    As we come round the windward mark we’re letting off kicker and outhaul(Boat only needs a bit of kicker to perform well to windward anyway in light winds), raising board then trimming sails appropriately, but nothing seems to gain us any boatspeed.

    I am operating with an adjustable bridle which i have “fixed” for the time being, mainsheet blocks are block to block. With sails down, the bottom block hangs over the transom on level with the bottom of the pintle.

    Richard Hartley assured me in his enthusiastic manner that spreader width, mast rake and marks for jib tension were all cool. I haven’t rechecked but I have no reason to doubt him.

    So is there anybody out there who can make my boat go faster off the wind??
    What is the check list of things to look at?
    Yours for speadier reach,
    Pete Smith
    PS: not doing spinnies yet, coz have novice crew. Get to that in late Summer

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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