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    Chris Mieszkian

    Hope someone can help.

    I’ve repaired, re-varnished and re-assembled my tiller. When I attach the tiller to the boat and pull the string, it lowers the tiller. Not sure if I’m losing my marbles, but I thought pulling the string pulls the tiller up? Having only had the boat for last season I can’t really remember, so hoping that someone can put me out of my misery!?

    Many thanks



    I imagine you mean it lowers the rudder.

    You need an uphaul to raise the rudder for launching and as you approach the shallows to land and a downhaul to hold the rudder down when underway.  Some people say you can use shockcord/elastic/bungee to hold the rudder down but, trust me, it doesn’t work. You need the rudder to be locked fully down.

    The uphaul is a line that passes through the headstock and attaches to the trailing edge of the rudder about 150mm down from the top. The downhaul passes through the headstock and attaches to the leading edge if the rudder.  This is best cleated in a breakaway or safety cleat that will release if you forget to as you approach land.


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    Leigh Perrott

    I put one of these on my rudder downhaul a few years ago. Same as Mike is suggesting. Prevents any rudder damage when it all goes a bit pete tong close to the beach (or shallows).


    I put one of these auto release camcleats on my rudder down haul. very effective when approaching the beach and dealing with the odd accident!

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