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    I laughed because it happened to me too, recognition is powerful humor.
    And then someone told me, with the stiffest upper lip ever, to take the prop off….

    By the way, to change the gear oil there are two screws, one close to the prop one a but further up the shaft. You are supposed to take them both out. The upper one allows air to come in and eases drainage. Outboard gear oil is very dense, a bit like butter. You are supposed to squeeze it in from the bottom screw hole until it reaches the upper screw hole with the motor upright. That is why it is supplied in tubes. (A Tube squeezes easier then a can). Putting the engine upside down is not always practical (to heavy, petrol in the tank) that is why it is done as I just described. If there is petrol in the tank you may flood the engine because the carburetor float does not work in the upside down position. I have done it several times and when done as described it is a real easy job.


    Good advice, I wondered why a website I read said to put the “oil” in the bottom hole, rather counter-intuitive, I did not realise it was more like grease.

    I will have a look at the impeller while I am down there, do you know if there is a gasket likely to be on the impeller housing? Not much point in putting a gasket/joint there as it is water inside and water outside but I wondered if I need to get a spare gasket before removing the housing cover.

    I intend to re-paint the leg and bracket as the aluminium corrosion (mostly surface, not too serious) has bubbled off the paint in a few places. I have some etch-primer, does anyone have any advice on painting an outboard, I imagine there are some things you just don’t want to get paint in, like the water intake (which appears to be a really tiny little hole).


    Hi Mike

    There’s no gasket on the impeller plate for the Suzuki, but then there is only one screw for the oil on mine so there may be differences. I would just take it off and have alook.



Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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