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    A recent decision of the UKWA Excom is to place a list of owners and boat numbers on the members only forum for the benefit primarily of class captains at the many clubs around the country where Wayfarers have a strong presence, not necessarily reflected in the membership of UKWA.

    Data Protection concerns were considered and it is for this reason no more detail would be published.

    This action does however mean that Class Captains can encourage UKWA membership and existing members can make contact with other members through the UKWA.

    The proposal is part of a range of changes which will come about as a new website is developed and we seek to increase the frequency and quality of communication across the Wayfarer family. It is hoped Class Captains will be encouraged to build their local Wayfarer networks and make the local Wayfarer family a more important part of owners sailing experience, particularly at this time when we are likely to and have seen less inclination for Wayfarers to travel.

    Liam McGrath
    W10740 ‘Nimbus’
    Chairman UKWA


    It would be very useful to see this list. Any idea when it might happen?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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