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    Could anybody tell me if a rig tension gauge is an absolute must have or is there another way to set the mast up? Also what do you do with the fore stay as regards the tension on it.
    The book refers to putting up the jib and there is no reference to the forestay also I only have a highfield lever for applying the tension. I also have a problem with the spreaders as they are not adjustable, they do have two holes one seems to be for locking them into position so how critical is it regarding the setting them at 203mm deflection. I intend to use the boat for day sailing for now so with that in mind your help would be much appreciated. 😕

    Bob Harland

    The correct setup is important to get best performance from the boat. For day sailing that’s not so critical.

    A reasonable amount of rig tension is necessary and a highfield lever will achieve that. If it is moderately difficult to apply the tension then that’s ok.

    Usually the forestay has a short rope tail, if yours is like this then the method we use is fine; one person puts the mast up and applies some pre-bend (give the mast a shove at the gooseneck) and holds the mast in that position, the other person then gets the forestay secured as tight as they can.
    If the halyard ever fails, or you change headsails then you still have reasonable rig tension.

    hope that helps


    Thanks for your help Bob, I will get a rig tension gauge eventually but for now I will do as you suggest.

    Colin Parkstone

    When sailing,the forestay should not be taking any weight, thats for the genoa/jib luff to do so as to have a straight luff on the sail.
    C P


    Thanks very much for your help chaps, I now have a better understanding of what the forestay is required to do. 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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