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    Dave, Iain.

    See my response to Iain’s question on the Introductions thread, but fast pins for the shroud plates are worth every penny and they are in no danger of catching a spinnaker or genoa sheet in the way that an R clip might.


    Thanks Dave and Adrian, agreed, I would be worried on shrouds that the R pin might give a sharp end…

    my conclusion: R pin on mast pivot pin (where, as Dave said, it will be flush against tabernacle so no danger of snagging)…
    …. and fast-pins for the shrouds (could also secure them with thin cord/bungee so no danger of losing them – although then might be more danger of pulling them out – I wonder if that would even be possible under load?)

    Now, just gotta work out what might work for the genoa to complete my anti-split-ring campaign… 😉





    You are going through all the queries I had when I started (I think we met when you were prepping the forestay for trailing in Ullswater).

    I have also done away with the split rings on the genoa clevis pins – using spring loaded drop nose pins instead (I have roller furling – not reefing). At the top I have used garden wire to secure them (can’t manage it at the bottom) so I do not drop it in the event of a sail change on the briny. Makes life so much easier and again (as with fast pins) once under tension there is precious little chance of it coming out. I did consider a snap shackle but it made the luff wire longer and I cannot move my highfield lever to compensate. Thus a snapshackle (which would raise the foot) was ruled out although it might be marginally easier for sail changes.

    If you want a picture let me know – but it is dark now!


    Further to my last with regard to the fast pins I have not bothered with bungee etc as when under load they would be extremely hard to pull out and I have never felt the need. No problems as yet.



    spring-loaded drop-head like the ones at the top of this page: ?
    I assume the imperial sizing with 6.26mm diameter would still fit or did you manage to find proper metric 6mm ones?

    Thanks for all the tips…. I am indeed going through the early stage of set-up and questions! Had a pleasant time last night fiddling and setting up some shock corded stowage straps along the sides under seats (attached to some points which I am pleased to say I remembered to ask Hartleys to fit).





    I found metric ones from here (I think)

    It is as important to get the length right as the width. Obviously what size you need will depend on your rig.

    Split ring free rigging is so much nicer.


    @chrisdugdale wrote:

    I have great difficulty in taking off and resecuring the split rings securing my mast pivot pin in place. Is there a better way? Does anyone make a pivot pin with (for example) a drop-head so it can be put in and and taken out quickly whilst remaining secure?

    On my old boat I used a 6 mm galvanized bolt and a wing nut. They are dirt cheap. (A DYI shop sells them no less then 4 in a package). If it starts to rust, replace it. I have used the type that can lock itself in wood due to a small square part of the shaft, just below the head. This sort of bolt has a perfect flat head that is almost flush with the tabernacle. Only the side with the wing nut needs some attention when stowing the spi.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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