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    yet another pivot pin question.

    Mk1 grp boat with a mahogany tabernacle, the internal sides of which have a 9mm plywood cheek attached. The mast is silver coloured aluminium alloy with all halyards running up the mainsail luff groove.

    The clearance between the mast and the plywood cheeks is 7.5mm each side of the mast.

    The boat came with some packing pieces (washers) designed to fit between the mast and the plywood cheeks. the purpose of these washers can only be to stop the mast moving sideways. The pivot pin goes through these pieces. These pieces look a bit heath robinson to me, likely home made, and are a nightmare to fit when stepping the mast.

    My question is, are they necessary? Does the mast need to be held in position sideways like this, esp when the foot is in it’s track 8″ below.

    cheers all


    Colin Parkstone

    You only need to pack the mast sideways at deck level, and its held at the foot as you say. Then you will want some thin packers at deck level in front of the mast to stop it bending for and aft the amount you desire for the wind conditions. CP


    ok thanks for that, the boat came with some chocks to fit in front of the mast. I’ll make some similar things for the sides.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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