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    Following on from Simon McE’s comment (on the muscle box thread) about carrying a jib in case the mast breaks, what is cumulative experience / perceived wisdom on this?

    Frank Dye described mending a wooden mast at sea, but this will be beyond just about everybody with a metal mast. My one and only experience with a broken mast was years ago in a Fireball. From memory the break occurred where the spreaders attach to the mast which is presumably point of maximum lateral and fore & aft pressure. Although we ended up on the (wrong) shore, and so could fiddle at leisure, it was immediately apparent that neither the mast remnant, nor the boom were long enough to allow the jib to be hoisted. Presumably the same would apply to using the jib on the mast as a storm sail, as described on the Canadian site.?

    I have intended to experiment on the shore, but its usually tempting just to go sailing.


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