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    Hi could any one help me with this .

    I recently purchased and new mast heel : . Then one evening as i was reading through the wayfarer book (as you do ) And there was a picture of this mast heel and it said it had three blocks on the back and two on the front . The next day i went to look at my mast heel and i could definatly see two gaps where there could be more two more bloacks . Does anyone know where i could purchase the two blocks to fill these gaps ? Wayfarer Book page : 7 (Bottom right )


    Seldén type number 502-520-02 is a three sheave foot, I think you ordered the wrong type. The 5 sheave foot is type number 502-520-03. Maybe the easiest solution is to return the part to your chandler and order the other type. The number Trident uses (502-511-02) I am unable to find on the Seldén pages. Note that number 502-511 is a series 3 adapter, what ever that is.

    If you go to the Seldén web pages you will see some sheaves listed. Maybe a three sheave foot can be converted in to a 5 sheave foot but the web site does not say what sheaves you need for that, nor does it list the axle and possibly you need two clips to fix the axle in place. See for yourself, here:

    If I were you, I would ask the question directly to Seldén via:

    Note that the sheaves shown on the Seldén pages are also offered by Trident. See: Scroll to the bottom of the page.


    Thanks for your help .

    It was realy just an idea i doubt i will end up sending it back although there is a clip and a hole for the axel . The reason i was curious about this is because i am making boat boat rigable for a spinaker and i thought i could use one of the blocks for pole up . I suppose i could just add a mast exit sheave insead , or does anyone have any better ideas


    I have a complete (used, 3 yrs old) mast heel fitting from a mast that I broke last year. It has three sheaves aft and two forward (one of which has stailess steel sheave and ball bearings). Yours or anyone else’s for £10 inclusive of postage. PM me with your email address if you want it.

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