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    Hi chaps, I’m new to the wayfarer and dinghies in general! I will want to use an o/b sometimes for various reasons. I have fairly recently bought a mk1 grp sail no. 1495. (Which would date to 1968 afaik, though how you could know if that sail no. relates to that hull after 47 years i don’t know. Doesn’t seem to be anything on the hull saying what/when made.) anyway, I happen to already have a Honda 5hp, so if I could use it that would save me several hundred pounds – provided the Honda 5hp didn’t just rip a big chunk of grp out of the transom and disappear to D. Jones with it! So my query is, could this hull take that weight stress? Tiny little RIBs seem to have relatively humongous o/bs fitted to them. Obviously I would fit ply reinforcing inside. Would I be better just building a wooden mount bolted onto the transom, as a stand-out bracket would seem to give the Honda 5hp more “leverage” to stress the hull? Of course the prop needs to sort of miss the rudder. As an alternative I’m thinking of a second hand Suzuki 2hp and a mounting bracket. Two or three hundred quid but maybe a better option. Certainly better for my back!(I’m 20 years older than the boat ;-)) TIA for advice . Regards, terry.


    It is a lot of weight where you least want it. A 2HP weighs only half of a 5HP. With a 5HP you can tow a lot of others, your boat only needs 1HP (or 2HP at half throttle). Sell it and use the money to buy a used 2HP Honda. Or get rid of it all together. I haven’t used mine in four years. Often I don’t even bother to take it along.

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