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    i have a home made launching trolley for my wayfarer mark 2, made from recycling a windsurfer!

    lightweight, does the job, but getting very old. hats off to the former owner who made it, but its twisting with age.

    has anyone made a launching trolley ? particularly – what grade and cross section/thickness to make it out of

    i am tempted to go with simple mild steel and paint it, could i get away with 20mm x 20mm x 1.5 ?

    all the parts seem readily available from steel sellers, just the axle is a bit of a problem. full road axles not difficult, but plastic dolley wheel axles ?

    any thoughts out there ?

    read somewhere of someone who made a wooden one, had to attach dumbell weight to it !



    I’m pretty sure my road base was a home build job by a previous owner.
    It is an A-frame using box section mild steel for the long sections (about 15x25mm section), plus a channel-section as an axle, to which the suspension units are bolted.
    All in mild steel which is a pain as the launching trolley scrapes the paint off.
    It is currently a lovely orange colour as that was the tin of paint I had to hand.

    The launch trolley itself is 1″ galvanised tubing. I added a second axle to it, stolen from a kite buggy, so that I could recover singlehanded using the car and a long rope.

    If I were making a trolley or trailer from scratch, I would look to buy/acquire galvanised tubes or sections, and bolt them together.

    Dave Barker

    Ours (not self-made, but a one-off) has 30mm square hollow section for the two long bits, 40×40 angle between stub axles of 25 diameter tube, miscellaneous bits to make cradle (3 points of support/adjustment) and handle.

    On salt water go for galv. Certainly for any hollow sections.


    hi all

    i like the idea of 1″ galv tube, but how do you bend it ?

    had a good look at some trolleys in the local sailing schools park and around, but they all have bent sections

    when it comes to buying it, thinner is cheaper, so what can i get away with without compromise

    i think box section is easier to fix, bolt, weld


    Dave Barker

    All straight lines, a vee-shaped arrangement of two 30×30 shs, each roughly 2m long, joined at one end, 1m (?) apart at the other. The 1m gap is spanned by a 40×40 angle approximately 1.3m long. This is the axle, which overhangs the square sections at either end by (say) 150mm. Into the angle is welded a short length (225mm?) of 25mm round tube, one at each end. The wheels slot onto these.

    At the other end of the vee is the handle, plus a short section of tube mounted vertically to hold a jockey wheel.

    Slightly bizarrely there is a dimensioned sketch of a fairly similar trolley on the Trident website, I’ve just noticed.


    hi dave

    yes, it is a little bizarre innit !

    its almost a full set of instructions of how to make a launching trolley.

    will study that !



    To bend pipes you need a pipe bender. I am in the process of making an extension bar for my launch trailer using scaff bar so I can hook it onto the car and drop it into the water and am using a friend on of these…

    (Will post full details once I have finished)

    Dave Barker

    The 1m gap is spanned by a 40×40 angle approximately 1.3m long. This is the axle…

    Sadly this component is inadequate for the job, as I discovered a couple of weeks ago. (Managed to straighten it worryingly easily though!)

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