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    Greetings all,

    I was wondering if there is there any technical reason (eg, lack of strength) why the the mainsheet shouldn’t be moved forward from the transom to, eg, the front bulkhead of the aft buoyancy tank. I have a large rubbing strake and don’t like the thought of the mainsheet getting caught under the aft corner. Also, it would reduce interference with my outboard which is mounted directly on the transom rather than on an extending bracket. I presume I would have to put backing pads on the inside of the tank for the bridle mounts. Thanks in advance, Regards, Davdor.


    I suspect you would need to significantly strengthen the bulkhead creating more weight near the stern. A much simpler way of reducing the tendancy to snack the rubbing strake and the outboard would be to move the block at the end of the boom forward 12 to 18 inches.


    I have a centre mainsheet system with a bridle from gunnel to gunnel, more or less where you suggest. The mainsheet likes to catch the tiller when the boom and sail is down, so extra attention is needed when hoisting mainsail. Under sail it’s the solution I liked best of all the combinations that I tried. Gybing with total peace of mind now.


    Excellent picture, Matoi. Did you reinforce the area where you mounted the bridle fixtures? Did you notice if the sheet loads were appreciably higher as a result of coming inboard by 1M versus at the end of the boom. Also, that is a very impressive box mounted at the back. I’m sure a few World owners might be interested in it. Mine is a MKII, by the way. Regards, David Doran.


    Hi David. Since you liked the photo I’ve thrown a couple of video shots together from last years trip with a friend… it seems I’ll never catch the time to properly edit the footage.
    I’ve just attached the bridle to those saddles which hold the spinnaker sheet blocks. The tension on the mainsheet didn’t seem to be noticably different from before, and saddles didn’t seem to mind. But of course the force on the saddles is in the wrong direction and I do plan to change that somehow, though without any complex structural reinforcments.
    The box is good for cruising, it’s quite strong you can step on it and it doesn’t flex at all. I wouldn’t go cruising without it. But since:
    -the WWorld hull was designed without the weight of that box in account
    -the box i relatively heavy and when installed causes the transome to sink noticably even before you start loading your gear
    -the transome openings are just a nuisance and should be permanently closed (self bailers are perfect on their own)
    I think it is more appropriate for a Wayfarer to actually have integral aft storage compartment.
    All the best,


    Matoi, thanks for that. A picture speaks a thousand words. Regards, David.


    Not that it will matter to the cruisers but the class rules state that only one part of the main sheet can be forward of the transom while racing. Mike


    I am shocked to find through your reply that I won’t be able to mount and use the outboard during racing. Damn!!! Regards, Davdor


    You can mount it, you just can’t use it. 😆
    Just as it is OK to stowe a 10 stone anchor, an electric winch and a battery, as long as you don’t move it around during the race. :mrgreen:

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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