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    Hi Everyone,

    Anyone know what the length of the mainsheet is for a transom center main system.



    Seeing as no-one else has replied…
    I presume you mean the standard centre main setup. I replaced my mainsheet earlier this year and did a bit of googling to find the length, as the old mainsheet was packed away somewhere. I found various numbers that went up as high as, I think, 13m. However in the end I found that I had an offcut of very nice braid-on-braid that was only about 8m, and that when I tried rigging with this it was absolutely fine. The boom would meet the shrouds just as the stopper knot came to the cleat. So I don’t quite know what the extra 5m of mainsheet is supposed to do…
    The exact length will depend on how your boat is set up; e.g. if you have a traveller across the transom, you will need a longer sheet.


    I have just measured mine and it is 9.5m long, which is only just long enough – 10m would be better. It is a 7mm Rooster polylite laser sheet, routed from a central swivel cleat on the aft slope of the centreboard case, up to a block directly above on the boom, along to another block towards the end of the boom, down and through another block on an adjustable strop and back up to terminate on the end of the boom. You can rig it without the block on the strop, but that would give you less purchase.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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