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    Nathan Griffiths

    Could someone please advise me! I am setting up for cruising and will be replacing the traveller on my mk 1 GRP with a bridle and have a couple of questions…

    I would like to keep the aft mainsheet is this OK with a bridle?

    I am thinking of attaching the bridle forward of the transom by about 300mm perhaps level with the centre of the aft hatch so as to help the sheets clear the outboard which I’d rather mount on the transom and not have a bracket, but most importantly would moving the bridle forward adversely effect sailing?




    Bob Harland

    My view is that 100% aft sheeted main will not work well with a bridle because the heavier block plus additional falls of mainsheet will be too heavy – especially in light breezes. And when there is more breeze there will be a heavy block swinging around when tacking or gybing.

    Attaching the bridle 300mm forward of the transom should be fine from a sheeting angle perspective, the attachment points need to be strong with appropriate backing pads (and sealed if they are into the aft buoyancy).
    If a boat tent is used a bridle in this position may be rather inconvenient.

    If there is a jammer on the mainsheet I wonder if this will be more difficult with a bridle.

    hope that helps

    Tim Jeanneret

    I set up a fixed length bridle on my woody level with the aft edge of the aft hatch, probably around 300-400mm fwd from transom, attached to eye-bolts through the carlins (timbers supporting the inner edge of side decks). I moved the block on the boom forward a little to be above the bridle, and it sails fine.

    But I have centre-sheeting – so the block on the bridle is just a small single pulley, which is fine. I’ve never used full aft sheeting, but Bob’s point about the heavier block seems reasonable.

    Pros: keeps sheet and bridle well clear of outboard; transom is clean of fittings (outboard excepted) which looks neat; moving sheet inboard from the end of the boom somewhat reduces the risk of snagging the sheet on buoys etc!

    Cons: having to feed the end of tiller extension under the bridle when clipping the extension back along the tiller (very minor issue); slightly higher risk of mainsheet getting wrapped around tiller when hoisting the main.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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