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    Guys, my old mk1 grp has no bridle for the mainsheet, just a worn out traveller on the transom. I sail it with the mainsheet coming along the boom and down to a swivel block just aft of CB.

    I’d like to fit a rear bridle, but for convenience want it forward of the transom, to clear the outboard, which is mounted directly on the transom.

    Before I start drilling holes in my boat (esp as it will be in the bouyuancy tank area), does anyone have any suggestions as to the best way of fitting sheaves for the bridle?



    Colin Parkstone

    Why sheaves Tony, you will only need a lacing eye with two screws in it each side. CP


    Lacing eyes it is then. Any Ideas on what I might be screwing into? Wondering what size screws to use.




    I did not trust screws to fix the lacing eyes (actually small steel lined fairleads) on my Mk 2 so I drilled through the deck overhang just forward of the transom using an oversize drill bit, then set short lengths of small bore aluminium tube (from B&Q) in epoxy resin inside the holes. I then fixed the fairleads using M4 Stainless bolts and nuts.

    They’re not going to pull out.

    Colin Parkstone

    Good idea for the Mk2 as the buoyancy tank is below the gunwale and side deck. On the Mk1 it is part of the buoyancy tanks so one has to find a solid bit to put screws into that is inside the gunwale.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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