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    Hi there, I want to put a decent easily moveable traveler on the main sheet. At the moment it can be adjusted by moving the manual screws that clamp around the track. This works but is a pain to adjust when on the water, so I can’t get the best out of the rig.

    I have seen tracks on other boats with rollers at the ends and cleats allowing tieing off.

    Sorry this is so rambling, but I hope you get the picture. Do you have any suggestions and where to buy.

    Thanks in advance


    The track you are after is very standard. Uses a traveller track with a four wheeled ‘car’ and a sheave at either end. Bits of ‘string’ then pull the traveller into position being cleated into jammers. The problem is the price. Check out this link and you’ll see the price of track alone is £85!

    Not sure how you’ll get around this unless you can find a knackered old hull that you can buy to remove bits like this. May be cheaper in the long run.



    Not much response….
    Perhaps because everyone is using a bridle rope nowadays?

    A bridle is much easier to use and much cheaper. Even most cruisers have switched to a bridle rope AFAIK. The downside is you need a stiff boom and a strong kicker (16:1).

    The beauty of the bridle system is that leech tension remains the same on every course. Leech tension is solely controlled by the kicker. Having a bridle rope is like having the traveler to the luff at all times, even after a tack. See WIT for rigging details: (


    Thanks for these ideas. I will check both. I have to do something to stop dumping the wind. The current rig is just not flexible at all.



    Where might I get the proper running eye that fits the mainsheet track? ( i want to replace the silly plastic one thats on my boat at present. )


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