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    My main halyard parted during an inversion. The halyard parted just at the mast top sheave. The hole through the mast has very little free space and I worry over how to attach the old halyard to the new in a fashion which does not bulk out the joint so that it does not jam or part. Advice as to selection of correct specification for the replacement would also be welcome


    Dave Barker

    Hi Philip,

    I’ll answer this assuming that your old halyard was a rope type, rather than a wire. I haven’t had the misfortune to snap a halyard (yet) but have replaced a couple recently.

    I found that it was relatively easy to “stitch” the old and new ends together by creating a hole about 20-25mm from the end of each line with a nail or something similar. Then thread a length of whipping twine or strong alternative (? fishing line) through each hole and tie securely, forming a single loop about 45-55mm long, rather like a link in a chain. Importantly, the ends of the halyards don’t quite overlap. You can then encase the whole of the area in question in tape – duct tape or insulating tape etc. This barely increases the diameter of the halyard, but it helps to smooth its passage through the sheaves and mast, while leaving it flexible enough to negotiate the various turns. It’s then a simple job to pull the new line into and through the mast, trim off the old halyard, and finish off ends as required.

    Regarding specification, I used Marlow Excel Racing 5mm for the Wayfarer. I expect some would use a 4mm line. Either way it’s a strong, light, smooth and low stretch line.


    Thanks, Dave. It worked a treat


    I use rope,and bought it 2 feet longer than required
    Start of evry season,cut six inches off the top to move bearing surfaces along the rope.
    never failed yet

    roger 1759


    why not just sew a very long length of whipping twine to one end. Pull it all the way through, attach new halyard and reverse. Take mast foot off first to make it easier.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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