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    I’ve seen several boats set up with a camcleat on the mast with a turning block above it and am considering adopting this as my means of cleating the main halyard (the boat will only be used for cruising). Is this generally considered the best method? Any disadvantages of this set up? Any other options I should consider (other than a basic horn cleat)?

    Thanks for any comments.



    I find what works well is an alloy side entry clam cleat, with a small nylon horn cleat about 4″ above it.

    When hoisting the sail you can pull it most of the way up directly from the sheave at the mast foot, then when it is nearly all the way you can hook it into the clam cleat and bowse it the rest of the way with the cleat holding it firm.

    Then when you’ve got it all the way a couple of quick figure of eights round the nylon cleat secures it once and for all, whilst at the same time taking the load off the alloy cleat so’s it doesn’t damage the rope as much.

    This method is simple, secure, and easy to undo again in a hurry. I wouldn’t trust a cam cleat not to slip at some point, usually when you least want it!


    Hi Jonathan

    I know you may have read this thread or may be trying to tease out a bit more detail but I found this thread on “new halyard” relevant as you get further in to it.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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