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    I am putting the fixture list together for the 2014 season. Our Nationals will be incorporated within the European Championships to be sailed at Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academic on 20-25 July and the Western Areas will be incorporated within the new Poole Week format at Parkstone Yacht Club.

    I have written to Medway and Shoreham to ask them whether they are prepared to host meetings next year, as I think that they are great venues to go to.

    So, where else would you like to go next year? Would your club like to host a National Circuit Series meeting? Please post your suggestions here.

    I will be stepping down as your Racing Secretary at the AGM, so we also need to find someone to take this job on. Brian Lamb is in the firing line at the moment, but he would welcome other nominations!



    Steve, Weymouth sounds good well done for that, Easterns venue maybe Aldeburgh? Westerns maybe try the Wales lake again? I think the poor turnout previous was due to the Bank Holiday.

    Colin Parkstone

    I am trying to think of a way for the class to have more people come to Open Meetings and for the cost to be less for doing so, I feel that this maybe one of the reasons we have low turnouts.
    Its fun and nice to be a host club for a weekend, have other boats come and try your waters and to give a little back to the boats who make it and the class in general.
    The trouble is it costs so much, fuel, a bed for the night are the main costs and the fact of getting away from a family for a weekend can be a high price to pay.
    If camping is able to be had , that is a great help but we are not known for that i our class or maybe a stay with a friend at the club is also good but the fuel and a B@B cannot be helped.

    How about less opens in the series, i get the feeling that the circuit series is not as important to some as some venues seem to be for what ever reason. Could it be the people at the club, the water to be sailed on or the fact that its close.
    Could it be that some of us are long in the tooth and as much as I myself have done many opens in the past, Im feeling that I have just that, done it!!
    If i look back over my past years, i have chosen the fun ones, big ones like Worlds and National Champs, or Iv not been able to go to others that were on in my diary to do.
    Who is going to an open helps as well, if I hear that many, friends and other people are going I put it on my list as a possible!
    Then its a crew for a weekend, who can get away for a weekend.
    Im just not sure how we get more to opens, maybe we can have some ideas and feedback to the sailing committee as im sure they rack their brains also.
    As for my club, we have taken the new boat to our hearts and have a VERY strong fleet, 18 Mk4 and many other marks as well. But as is happening in many clubs and classes the racing of the boats is done mostly in the week, we have average 13 boats on a wed night but only just 7 on our weekend day which is saturday, sunday is for the many kids.
    Maybe this is how racing is going a fix in the week and a free weekend which brings us back to Open Meetings.
    I need to lay down now!!!!


    Hi Steve
    haversham will be holding a wayferer open in 2014 just talking dates with committee an the moment any thorughts welcome back in may or june or sept


    @mcollen wrote:

    Westerns maybe try the Wales lake again? I think the poor turnout previous was due to the Bank Holiday.

    Hi Martin – we only had six boats for an ‘Inland Champs’ at Tata SC. I know it’s a great sailing area, but I am not aware of any local boats that would support the event. My preference is to go to clubs where there is a strong home fleet. What do others think?



    @steveg wrote:

    Hi Steve
    haversham will be holding a wayferer open in 2014 just talking dates with committee an the moment any thorughts welcome back in may or june or sept

    Can we go for a September event? I am looking at Medway and Shoreham in May and June and trying to aim for one meeting per month.



    I have received a letter from Bobby asking for Brian Lamb to be excused Racing Secretary Duties next year which I have accepted. So I thought it might be a good idea to draw up a shortlist. Here it is (in alpha order).

    Martin Collen
    Adam Light
    Russell Perry
    Bill Whitney

    Any other nominees?


    Provisional date for Southern Area Championships at Shoreham is 17/18 May 2014

    Colin Parkstone

    Can anyone say why we have so much interest in Who is Doing What this Year thread, over two thousand views but only 11 boats at Datchet for that open.
    Will someone start the ball rolling and say why they cannot or will not do opens anymore as i fear for the class and its open series in the future! CP

    Colin Parkstone

    How about having four opens only in the open series next year, looks to me that very few do the opens these days so maybe four would get people out ???

    Would we get more people to the Weymouth bash next year if we say we will race in the harbour only??


    Hi Colin
    It’s not a bad idea to reduce the number of opens to four a year, but I have just committed to six open meetings in 2014 (see front page of the web)! Six good open meetings, I think, and supporting clubs with active home fleets which I think is very important.

    I don’t think we need to worry about the ‘bash’ at Weymouth. We have 21 expressions of interest so far and they are not the ‘usual suspects’ (apart from you and Big Al) Monica has been whipping up support in Ireland and we have provisional entries from Denmark and Holland.

    Mike McKechnie is returning as event organiser assisted by Monica and me. NoR and Entry Form is nearly ready. We have a PRO in James Gollop assisted by the brilliant Frank Newton. Monica is organising a 60s disco.

    Free parking, on site, for the Motor Home community. I am going to moor my floating caravan more expensively in the Marina.


    Colin Parkstone

    That all sounds very cool Steve, well done to you and all! Weymouth sounds well sorted as well and as for Al and I being suspect I will take that as a compliment !!! I think!
    What will that Nipper Monica know about the 60’s anyway, she only looks about 12 and has the height to go with it!! Has she ever heard of the Dave Clark Five and the Kinks!
    I was thinking of selling my Motor home but as its free down at the centre i may think again about that!
    Still hope that we can get all kinds of people to this event, and as the harbour is a good size and not to far away from the centre boat park it would not make the days racing a massive trek before a race has started. Outside on the odd day would be ok I think for most!
    Well done anyway, CP

    PS the 17th and 18th June are a tue and wednesday for Shoreham’s open ??


    Thanks, Colin

    I think that Monica is just being kind to us – but I have told her that if son Peter can get the time off to come, I won’t be allowed to do any ‘Dad dancing’.

    The Shoreham meeting is in May, not June – thanks for drawing my attention to that, I have corrected the date on the front page of the website.



    Already planning the 2014 season, although a lot will depend on crew availability. I hope to do most if not all the events listed, but would enjoy them more if we get higher turnouts – and if more venues offer free camping – and free beer!

    Being the eager beaver that I am, I’ve contacted the WPNSA about camping on site – there is a charge of £18.00 per night, so it’s not free – unless we have a sponsor for that as well!


    Please note the changes to the 2014 National Circuit and Travellers Trophy Series implemented by Alan Chaplin, Racing Secretary. See NoR on the front page of the website.

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