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    Sylvain Caro

    Good evening,

    I’m new at the UKWA, and I’ll first ask you to excuse my bad english : I write you from France.

    I bought my first Wayfarer last sunday, am very happy of this, and come to you because I need a very simple help to help me with french administration.

    My Wayfarer was built in 1973, and so did not have specific papers, certification number.
    But administration needs a certification number… who doesn’t exists, to identificate myboat, and so give me registration number!

    So they asked me to find a Wayfarer owner whose sail number is very near from W3380 and so to ask to him his registration number.
    It will permit them to indificat emy boat, because without official identification, my boat will be classified in a “amateur construction” and, as it happenned to another french owner, it will take a very long while before they make me this simple registration paper!

    So is there someone who’s boat has a Sail Number close to W3380 and who will be so kind to indicate to me his registration number?

    Many thanks to you for havnf read this!

    Best regards,

    Sylvain, from Bordeaux, France

    Dave Barker

    Hi Sylvain,

    First, welcome to UKWA and to the forum. Also, congratulations on buying your Wayfarer!

    May I ask a few questions to help us UK sailors to understand the problem?

    • Is your boat wood or GRP (or composite)?
    • What is the reason for registration of boats in France?
    • Can you sail without being registered?
    • What information do the “administration” require to be able to complete your registration process? (Size, weight, materials, first owner, price paid, name of builder…?)

    As you know, here in the UK we don’t have compulsory registration for small boats like Wayfarers.

    However, if we leave UK coastal waters we will normally require SSR (Small Ships Register) registration, on which topic the RYA has some useful information linked here .

    Good luck!

    Sylvain Caro


    Thank you for your answer!

    My boat is a Mk1 composite (GRP hull and wood deck).

    I need to be registered to be authorized to sail away the 300m from the beach, and because I need a register number to use an ASN (=DSC) VHF Radio, also because I’ll probably sail in other countries.

    For that, administration, asks circulation card, originals papers, and a lot of papers who didn’t exists in 1973 (the year my boat was built). Without it, it’s very complicated, and the boat is often automaticaly registered as an amateur built boat for 10 years, and during these 10 years you can’t sell your boat because it has to proof that he is right and safe…!

    The bigger problem is that without a register number, all others administrations makes problems and problems and problems…!

    Yes I understood that in UK registring is not compulsory, I just hoped that, maybe, someone who has a boat from the same series could have been registered… of not, I’ll make all my possible with french administration!

    Thanks to you!

    Sylvain Caro



    I had the definitive answer from french administration : whatever register number Ifind, my Wayfarer will be registered as an amateur built  boat!
    Thanks for having read!


    Dave Barker

    Hi Sylvain,

    That is disappointing news. Were you given a reason for this decision?

    Does this mean that you cannot sell the boat? (Did you buy it outside France?)

    Also, will this now restrict your sailing?

    (Sorry for all the questions…)

    Sean Fitzpatrick

    This guy has pictures of his boat elsewhere on here and it has a hull plate. Anybody who has access to the records can say who built it and where it was first used. If it was built in the UK and owned and sailed here it will have had VAT paid. It is exempt from RCD testing as built before 1998. I think he needs proof of the VAT status and year of construction, and the certificate he needed was the bill of sale.

    Registering now as Amateur construction stops the need to prove buoyancy and assumes the materials in construction used will have VAT paid at source.

    So if 3380 was say built by SmallCraft and owned by John Smith and used on the Norfolk Broads, and he can provide proof of this, maybe they will accept the boat for what it is.

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