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    When will we be able to download logs from the web please ❓


    You can download logs now
    But you must be registered on the website (as opposed to the forum) and be logged in;

    Try these logs for size

    The whole library will be uploaded in due course.

    Dave Barker

    What is a CB login? I’m logged in to the forum (hence this text), but not apparently in a way that allows me to follow your link in the above post. I’m prompted to enter my “CB login”.




    Congratulations Bob. Just had a look at a couple of cruising logs after going through the process of registering on the main Wayfarer website (not the forum). Wonderful. Although interested it is unlikely I would ever have bothered in borrowing a log from the UKWA library. I think also it might motivate people to record more logs of their trips as it is such an efficient way of sharing the information and pictures (bit of a picture fan)!
    Looking forward to some South coast ones coming on-line in due course (although I imagine older ones might be less or not illustrated).
    cheers Dave
    PS Might even have to inflict some day-sail logs of Chichester harbour, although there are limits to my family adventures (yet another picnic at East head).


    Thanks for the Logs! It’s a fantastic resource! Last summer Lana and I had our first Wayfarering experience. We are expecting a baby now so reading “Log of Kittiwake III” was very nice.

    Best regards,


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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