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    Hi all. Rigged ScallyWagg for the 1st time last week and have a couple of queries. The spreaders have a single bolt and lock nut attaching them to the mast brackets which allow them to pivot freely. When the rig is tensioned they move foreward at the tips allowing a reverse bend to form in the mast. Whilst there is a further hole in each bracket aft of the pivot there is no 2nd hole in the spreaders. I assume I put a pin through this hole which the aft surface of the spreader will bear on to lock the spreader but when I do so there is about 4-5″ of curve in the mast. Whilst this is in the correct direction it appears a bit OTT. Any thought out there?
    Cheers all, Mike & Sam.

    Appologies if this has been on before but rather liked this;


    Sounds impossible ‘cos if you drill a hole in the spreader you will finish up with even more bend !

    I suggest a new spreader bracket from the Selden web-site OR
    , have a word with Ian Porter about the adjusters he put on my new boat ( 10608 ) which have vanished from the Selden site .


    Hi Bigal, Sorry, I should have described it better. The existing bolts are placed towards the leading edge of the spreader. As the rig is tensioned, the spreader pivots about this bolt until they no longer angle aft inducing a reverse bend in the mast. There is another hole drilled in the spreader bracket, aft and inboard of the pivot, a bolt through this hole prevented the spreader moving forward but held them at too extreme an angle which put a lot of bend in the mast. Ive now drilled the spreaders and fixed them according to the measurements on the W’ International site and everything is now spot on. All the best, Mike & Sam.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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