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    I’m going to a party in Knoydart in a couple of weeks and thought I’d sail there rather than get the ferry, partly in order that we can explore up to the top of Loch Nevis.

    I imagine the narrows can get quite exciting if there is wind against tide or at peak flow, and wondered if anyone has been there and has advice on sailing through, other than to go at slack water?

    Also does anyone know what the launching at Mallaig is like? I saw somewhere that there is a slipway which has a bend in it and demands top-notch reversing skills…..anyone know of a less tricky launch site?



    Dave Barker

    The slip at Mallaig does look fairly challenging on Google Street View (and sounds it, according to the description on

    For a number of years various Wayfarers have launched from the beach 6 miles down the coast at Gortenachulish (north of Arisaig, OS grid 641 880) perhaps partly because of the helpful owner and the reasonably-priced camping. Launching and recovering present a different challenge here, but there are plenty of willing helpers from the campsite to assist on the beach with trollies etc. That would be my recommendation.

    Andrew Morrice

    Arisaig.  Super.  The boatyard Arisaig Marine will charge you for storing your trailer so you might want to take a punt on leaving it elsewhere in the village at your own risk.  Account of setting out from there on my Log Iona Skyline 2015.

    I wouldn’t underestimate the difficulty of sailing in a significant wind over tide rip – time legs to avoid those!

    Enjoy the area, it is utterly fab.

    Boris W6330.


    Jonathan Jenkins

    We went through the Loch Nevis narrows on our 2014 cruise and even have some film of it! (From around 11.00 entering the main part of Loch Nevis and from 11.52 approaching the narrows.) 

    But we motored through as there was no wind. My recollection is that the only option we had to do it at all was over low water, going in against the last of the ebb. We only went a short way, had a brief stop and came back through against the first of the flood. Despite being only just either side of low water the tidal flow was pretty strong and we had to open the throttle significantly to get through. But it was well worth it, would definitely have gone further up inner Loch Nevis if tidal timings had been less unfavourable. If you are going into Knoydart then assume you will make the obligatory stop at the Old Forge – it’s a great place! 

    The slip showing on Google streetview doesn’t exist any more, that whole section of waterfront has been re-done and there’s a new slip close to the pier. I’ve not used it but it looks many times better than the old one, from memory it looked usable from around half tide and above.

    Have fun – definitely a great area to cruise! 


    W2312 ‘Shuna’ 


    Just a quick note to say thanks for all the helpful replies; it’s really appreciated. Unfortunately the strong winds forecast put paid to our plans, but we’ll be going back, so the info will be put to good use! I had a look at the new Mallaig slip; it seems ideal.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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