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    Kathy and I are planning to make a nostaglic trip to Lilliput SC to compete in the National Westminster Bank Trophy on the 30th December. My father was a founder member at Lilliput and I sailed with him there until I went off to University in the 1970s.

    In the old day the Nat West Trophy was an open regatta and I am hoping that it still is. I have phoned the club and emailed the sailing sec, but no more information at the moment. Does anyone reading this have a connection with Lilliput?

    Incidentally, when I was a kid growing up in Poole I was disappointed that Poole Harbour was described as only the second largest natural harbour in the world. I note that this mythical fact is repeated in the latest (otherwise excellent) Wayfarer magazine.

    The largest natural harbours is allegedly Syndey and Kathy and I actually went on holiday there this year. I can reveal that Sydney has been cheating all these years. Sydney is not the world’s largest natural harbour – it is two separate harbours a north harbour and a south harbour. A harbour should have two ‘heads’ at the entrance. Sydney has three. QED

    Does anyone know whom I should write to set the record straight.

    Anyway, the Wayfarer National Champs in 2008 will be sailed on the Worlds largest natural harbour!



    I would be happy to be proved wrong about Poole Harbour. I’m not sure I quite understand the 3 heads of Sydney Harbour – shouldn’t there be 4 if they are two separate harbours? Anyway all evidence welcome before the Spring edition mag when hopefully we can put things right! Ray (UKWA News Editor)


    Sydney harbour has a north head, middle head and south head. The north head and middle head (in my opinion) form the entrance to the north harbour. The middle and south head form the entrance to the south harbour.


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