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    Having started today’s club race n sunshine, we ended it in a thunderstorm. This reminded me of a recent conversation in the bar, when someone suggested that a piece of metal braid from a shroud plate to a bailer would protect the occupants in the event of a lightning strike. This seems a very simple mod, and something that could go into new boats as standard. But does anyone know if lightning strikes are a problem in practice? Do other classes of boat have protection?



    I’m no storm expert but having had my boat struck when I was thirty metres away I would be cautious of anything that gives a false sense of security……….had we been in the boat I am sure we would be dead! I’ve read about jump leads etc but my advice would be get off the water if you think you are in the path of a lightning storm, you are a prime target!,racing or not……….(good subject for the bar though)….

    From what I have read if you link the shrouds to the bailer you increase your chances of being hit as well as reducing your chances of death if you do get hit……….

    Dave Barker

    Wow! What was the effect on your boat, Dave?


    Lost the wind indicator, melted the joint or blew it off, never really studied the mast tip before it happened and its two years ago now, otherwise no damage I have been able to detect. Next time I would anchor it and use jumpleads, still I would not be in the boat or near it. And I believe it would be dangerous to be in the water next to the boat too. However going back to the same venue in three weeks………

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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