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    As the proud new owner of 1695 can anybody tell me what the length from the hitch to the axle of my trailer should be? When I brought the boat home I had to remove the jockey wheel and the mast step to get Tacks Free far enough forward to have an acceptable tow bar nose weight. It was impossible to do any adjustment with her on the trailer. Looking in the rear view mirror it felt as if she wanted to join me in the car! The axle will adjust quite a way back if necessary.

    Thanks in advance. This does seem to be a most useful forum. A mine of useful information.

    David Smith


    Tip of hitch to centre of roller (which is central between wheels) is 11ft 8in on mine. Enjoy 1695!
    PS The tip of the bow is about 24in/25in behind the tip of the hitch


    Thanks for that helpful advice. I’ll use when we trail to Hickling Broad for the family holiday.

    Dave Smith
    aka Bakerdave

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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