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    Mark Wisdom

    I would like to run my genoa reefing line back to center thwart as I singlehand 100% of the time.  What are some good

    ways to route the control line from aft of the splash guard down 90 degrees to a turning block near the foot of the mast?

    After closely reviewing some of the recent video clips from the recent 2021 cruising conference I could not see how different

    owners have rigged their reefing control lines in and around the mast tabernacle.  I have looked at installing a standing block with sheave to turn the reefing line down 90 degrees as well as a cheek block on the mast but my mast already is crowded enough in that area.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions or tips.





    Hi, Mark,


    My Genoa reefing line is long enough to come back over the thwart and operate from the usual sailing position.  I can cleat and uncleat the reefing line with no great problem.  Cleat located on deck beside mast.

    Remember that old adage.  “You should reef as soon as you think about it and only un-reef after you’ve had time for a cup of tea to have a think about it”.


    If you are soloing, I suggest you tie the 2 genoa sheets together also.  It is easier to get a hold on them again if you inadvertantly drop the sheet while going about and keeps things a bit tidier.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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