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    Hi all
    Contemplating an overnight in the summer to the West Solent so I’m looking for a good public slipway with somewhere I can leave car and trailer with a reasonable chance they will still be there when I get back next day 🙂
    And not mentally crowded with speed boats or narrow streets full of pedestrians… wayfarer user friendly…. I know I could refer to but personal experience is always good. My destination would be Yarmouth or Newtown Creek from somewhere like Hamble, Calshot or Lymington. Any suggestions appreciated. cheers Dave

    PS Good anchorage spots for overnights even better

    Colin Parkstone

    Have a word with Lymington Town sailing Club, Keyhaven Sailing Club and Calshot Sailing Centre.
    C P



    If you are launching from Central Solent then (after much searching myself) I recommend the Calshot Activity Centre. Being run by the council it is reasonable uncrowded at the weekend with good launch access and even a hose for washing the boat down at the end. Parking is good and it is easy to get to.



    Bucklers hard is very good…. I have used the slipway several times over the last 2 years to launch a 23 foot lift keel boat. Loads of car/trailer parking and never to busy. It is also a lovely sail down the river.


    I also like Calshot Activity centre.

    It has a wide (3-4 boat) slipway, plenty of parking, clean showers.

    The slipway faces north – ie away from the solent and towards Southampton Water – which means that even on windy days, you tend to have reasonably flat water to launch into. (ie no breakers)

    Also, the significant benefit which I personally like is that once you launch you are pretty much straight onto the solent. ie there is no long river to traverse which can be tricky if trying to sail with moored boats, and even more tricky if (like me) you have no motor!!

    That said, there are some big container ships going in and out of Southampton, so you have to be mindful of these and stay out of the deep channel. This is easily do-able, though you may need to cross it.


    I sailed out off calshot two weeks ago had a good day the car and trailer was safe left at the top of the slipway and it only cost me ÂŁ14 to launch and park the car


    Thanks for all the replies, really good to get several views, no excuses now, just got to sort the child-care and weather…….. easy! I just did my day skipper practical and we ping-ponged back and forth accross the Solent for five days which was fabulous. Now to do it the fun way in a Wayfarer. cheers Dave

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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