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    My Bramber launch trolley needs replacing and I need one to fit on Bramber road trailer as I dont want to replace this at the moment, but may do so in the future. I have looked at the new Wayfarer handbook but there is no recommendation as to which make of launching trolley/road trailer is best for both support for the boat and ease of use. I note that Hartley supply a double cradle on their trolley. However it does not have a centre roller to help load the boat whereas the Mersea one does but theirs only has one cradle. Can anyone recommend a good combination?


    I would recommend buying a new combination. Even if you still can get the same make there is no guarantee the trolley will fit the trailer. Wayfarer trailer building is still largely done by hand and a trailer and trolley are usually build as a pair to ensure a good fit.

    If you really want a trolley only, your best option is to supply your trailer to the builder and ask him to fit the new trolley to your trailer, or have him modify the trailer to fit the new trolley. In either case I don’t think it matters much which builder you decide on.

    But what is the state of your springs and dampeners? Your hubs and bearings? Tires?
    If all those are in need of some serious TLC a new combi may be a better choice in the long run.

    Colin Parkstone

    Why not ask Bramber how confident they are about the fit of a new trolly to your present base, your find out then if your desired way to replace your units will work.
    I have found that if they say it will fit, it does ! Just make sure your both talking about the same type of trailer.
    How often do you use your base, twice a year?
    Another way could be to buy the trolly of your dreams and use it on your base with any extra support needed for that short trip. Then later get your new base that fits the trolly.
    The cost of a full combi with delivery, will be cheaper than the two parts bought differing times!!


    Thanks for your replies. Mersea took over Bramber & said their new trolleys would not fit my Bramber road trailer. I have now purchased a new combi from Hartley. I now have a new problem in that the winch won’t fit in the traditional place behind the ball hitch as the road trailer has the mast support tube welded onto the side! Hartleys have said that they sell a winch which fits inside the mast support tube. They say that the tube is strong enough to take the load. But I am reluctant to buy a new winch when I have a perfectly good one already and so am looking for an adapter to fit. No luck so far.


    I use a winch system with my hartley trailer which I made myself.

    Basically mounted a winch bought on ebay for about a tenner with 2 bolts onto a piece of 1 inch box tubing cut to about 12 inches.

    Tie a sheet around the mast upto the bow for the winch cable (or better still a belt) hook to pull from.

    Job done.

    The mast support tube (with the 2 reinforcements) is well up to standing the forces required to pull a wayfarer out of the water with the launching trolley.

    When I want to use the road trailer on road, I can remove the winch and pop in the mast support tube and vice-versa.

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