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    Now I know that chandlers have to make their money somehow, but charging in excess of £13 per metre for aluminium keel band seems a bit steep. I have removed about 9 metres of brass or bronze from the underside of my Mk 11 and now I want to replace it with aluminium both for reasons of weight and also because the old band has in places almost corroded through.

    Does anyone know of a source of reasonably priced aluminium strip, kinda 12/15mm by 3 mm thick? I thought I would try to get anodised, but I suppose it could be mill finish. What about using thinner stainless steel? I would prefer it undrilled as I want to be able to choose where to fix it to the hull.



    if you check out this thread

    you will find some discussion on (plastic) Beta strip which you could consider as an alternative to metal.



    Thanks Jonathan, I had seen the beta strip and the only reason I did not take it further was that I have painted my hull, and gluing to paint is not a great idea. I also thought that the glue might not be a permanent solution.

    But it occurs to me that I could carefully abrade paint away from a strip and glue the beta strip to the GRP, then paint over it; colour matched bumpers are a cost extra option on cars but I could add them for free!

    Alternatively, from your experience, would you say that I could screw the plastic to the hull (perhaps as well as gluing it) as a really certain way to fix the strip?

    Although I am unlikely to be scrutinised, I wonder whether the bands being in plastic breaks the rule 11.4 (b) which says that the band should be in corrosion resistant metal? One for Bob perhaps.


    I think it could be an option to screw and glue the strips but the ones I glued to my bilge rails have adhered very well so I wouldn’t see any need to screw them as well. The main reason I went for the beta strips is that it didn’t require drilling any holes.

    But I guess you are in a slightly different situation replacing the full keel length in that you already have holes to either reuse or seal if not being used and any banding on the keel may be subject to greater abrasion/impacts than the bilge rails are. Perhaps it would be an option to initally just glue the strips and then see how it goes.

    Interested to hear how you get on.



    You can buy stainless steel strip or brass strip from a steel stockist at a very reasonable price though it is not D shaped.It is fine for cruising. I put wide strips of stainless on the bilge keels too as I cruise weight is not a problem. degrease it well and as well as screwing it bed it in Sikaflex then it will never come off! Make sure you filll all the old screw holes as a leak here is a b….r to find!! Good luck Robert

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