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    A really basic question: I want to use shock cord as part of my rudder downhaul to minimise damage if the rudder hits something. How do I join the approx. 8mm bungee cord (which is all I have available) to a 4mm rope? Using one of the knots I can think of would make a large bulge.

    Wayfarer 7239

    Dave Barker

    Hi Tony,

    If you use the bungee cord at the tiller end and the rope at the rudder end you can make sure the knot is somewhere towards the aft part of the tiller (underneath it), and a bulge won’t matter.

    An alternative that has been suggested is to use a Clamcleat CL257 on the tiller, which has an adjustable auto-release capability, designed for exactly the situation you describe, i.e. to minimise damage if one of your foils hits a rock or something. The base is shaped to make it suitable for fixing to either a flat or a round surface (e.g. tubular tiller). With this cleat you could omit the bungee cord altogether and just use the 4mm rope.

    I appreciate that it may not be possible to get hold of specialised chandlery items in Tanzania! For what it’s worth I have so far sailed my Wayfarer quite happily with the rope/bungee combo in a variety of conditions, including shallow, murky water, and the bungee cord has kept the rudder safe. (A double sheetbend would do the job.)


    Many thanks. The camcleat looks neat, but I’ll go for the double sheetbend since I imagine the nearest chandlery is in South Africa.

    Regards, Tony

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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