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    1. When goose-winging is it advisable to carry two poles: one for the jib & one for the genoa? If so, what lengths are recommended?
    2. Is there a recommended height (above the fore-deck?) for fixing loops onto the mast?
    Many thanks in advance
    Graham Lawson


    A spinnaker pole does both sizes of sail quite well


    Thanks Simon. As you have probably guessed we don’t have a spinnaker. Don’t suppose you know the length of a spinnaker pole?
    Best wishes

    Dave Barker

    Max. 1982mm (6’6″)


    I am sorry Simon but I beg to differ. A Spinnaker pole is a very clumsy device when used as a whisker pole. Using the spi-pole means the Genoa flies (or rather wobbles around) somewhere on the end of the sheet two feet inward from the pole’s end. The sail is pretty hard to trim that way.

    A far better solution is a pole of about 5 feet with a hook on one end and a pin on the other. My pole, that served me well for many years, was made of a broomstick. A broomstick is good quality wood and about the right length and is dirt cheap. Varnish it and finish off with two screw-hooks. I used stainless steel hooks from my local DIY store. One of them was hammered flat into a screw-pin. The pin goes in to the Genoa’s cringle and the hook goes over the Spi-pole’s D-ring on the mast. Total cost: A broomstick two hooks and some left over varnish: 5 quid tops!.

    It’s cheap, it floats and most of all it works very well. On short legs it even kept me up with the Spinnaker sailors. What they gain they loose while setting and retrieving their spi’s :mrgreen: .

    If the broomstick is too long, take some off until you like it. If you don’t like it at all, throw it out and replace it with something posh and expensive. At least it served as a stencil to determine the right length. But remember that according to Mr. Potter nothing flies like a broomstick!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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