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    `Hello “Farers”,

    I need to replace both the cam cleats on the side decks as well as the rowlock holders. Very easy on most boats, but on the MK 2
    we have the flotation stuff blocking access from below. I need to know if there is something bonded in place to allow me to safely pick up the threads
    or weather I need to withdraw the flotation to do the job. Its quite urgent
    so I would be grateful for some help.
    Much obliged,
    Pete [Red sky 7059]


    Hi, Pete.

    I moved my cleats down from the sidedecks to the front benches  (also MKII, 7038  Moores of Wroxham), but under the side-decks where the cleats were screwed into, was a fine piece of timber bonded into the sidedeck.  Even if the screwholes are shot, you could fill them with epoxy and filler and redrill the holes.

    But you are also going to go at the rowlocks as well, I didn’t pay any attention to that area when I was moving my cleats, so don’t know about what’s there, but I’d guess there’s probably a wooden backing pad underneath the rowlocks as well.

    Taking out the bouyancy foam and cover is not too bad.  Just make sure you have all the screws out.  Mine resisted until I noticed a screw I missed, then the cover came off no bother.

    Have you considered moving the cleats down to the benches.  I  reused the side-decks ones until they wore out and pointing is much improved, though as I was also replacing the sails at the time,  I got them cut to suit the changed cleat position.

    Cheers, davdor.




    Thanks for that davdor, am going to do the job tomorrow so I’m much
    relieved that I can pick up on some fixing material [whatever it is]
    without investigating further. It all saves time.
    I take your point about moving cleat position, but since I am just
    in it for cruising, the setup I’ve got suits me, for now anyway.

    Anyway I sleep on the seats so like everything out of the way including
    the mainsheet which is transom fed. My setup is for single handing and
    everything is led to the cockpit and seems to work well enough.
    Much obliged davdor,
    Pete “red swan” 7059

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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