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    Robert Holley


    I have recently purchased a Wayfarer World and would like to replace the s/steel halyard with rope tail attached to wire. The current wire is frayed. Where can I source same and is there a straight forward method to remove and replace the halyard. The halyard is routed down the mast and through a sheave at bottom. Any suggestions appreciated.


    Dave Barker

    Hi Bob,

    As I’m sure you realise, the key is not to lose the end of the halyard inside the mast. If you stitch a length of strong, thin cord or string to the rope tail you will be able to remove the frayed halyard and use it to measure the length required for ordering a new one, remembering to make any adjustments while you have the opportunity. (For example, ours used to leave the swaged ferrule bearing directly on the bottom sheave, so when replacing it were able to correct this).

    The temporary string will enable you to pull the new halyard back through the mast again. To help it run smoothly over the sheaves, butt the ends together rather than overlapping them when you stitch them together (with whipping twine or similar) and smooth the join with a short bit of duct tape so that the ends don’t catch inside the mast.

    That’s the method I have used, successfully!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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